• The Hotel, Reimagined

    Within the urban-tropical context of Pererenan, on the cusp of Bali’s southwest coast, Further’s four sites form a singular concept, each pairing intimate guest suites with common spaces open to local sights, sounds, and rhythms. In the transitions between experiences, opportunities catalyse for encounters, exchange and togetherness.

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architecture by MORQ

Sense of Place

Architecture at Further Hotel: A Subtle Symphony of Design
Step into Further Hotel and experience the subtle elegance of a space designed to envelop you in comfort and sophistication. In collaboration with the acclaimed architecture firm MORQ, we’ve created a sanctuary that marries form and function in a beautiful, seamless way.

Functional Aesthetics
Our spaces are carefully designed to enhance your experience, blending the practical with the aesthetic. Every hallway, room, and window has been thoughtfully planned to create an environment that both excites and relaxes the senses.

Material Integrity
Natural, sustainable materials feature prominently in our design choices, adding a tactile dimension to the overall architectural experience. Each touchpoint, from the polished wood underfoot to the bespoke textiles, underscores our commitment to luxury and sustainability.

Light and Space
One of the hallmarks of our design approach is the artful utilization of natural light. Well-placed windows and skylights cast intriguing patterns throughout the day, creating a dynamic and ever-changing atmosphere.

Dive into an architectural marvel at Further Hotel, where each design element serves to enhance an extraordinary experience that will linger in your memory long after your stay.

architecture by MORQ
architecture by MORQ